Pharma & Biotech

The accelerating discovery and development of new therapies continues to bring new and innovative products to market in ever increasing volumes.

2017 was an exceptional year for the approvals of NME’s (New Molecular Entities) with 46 signed off by December and the FDA exceeding its 2016 total by June of 2017. This tops the all-time high for any year except 1996. Not included in these numbers are the new and high profile CAR-T and gene therapy treatments. 2017 saw Novartis secure a world’s first approval for a CAR-T cell therapy treatment with the approval for Kymriah.

These advancing new technologies bring a plethora of new and exciting companies, all pushing the boundaries with innovative and novel  therapies. The path from concept to commercialisation is long and deeply complex, with years of trial and error, funding challenges, safety  and efficacy issues and regulatory minefields to navigate.

The best chance of success for any company comes from securing the right talent at the right time. Whether it’s a bench scientist or a team of a hundred for a product launch, timely and appropriate recruitment is a critically important part of the drug development process. Predicting when, how many and what type of people you need to hire is an inexact science and mistakes are costly. Talent Alliance offers bespoke solutions to any hiring scenario. Click here to see our service offerings.

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